New work to premiere at New York Live Arts on November 3 – 5, 2022.

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MIGRATIONS will be self-produced and is in line with Gotheiner’s previous works that reflect on the collision of humanity with nature. In MIGRATIONS Gothiener will focus his creative attention on bird migration imagery and tendencies as a poetic mirroring for the current acceleration of human migration as a result of wars and the diminishing of life-sustaining resources due to global warming. Bird’s migration patterns are made in response to changes in food availability, habitat, or weather. These days, war is displacing people in Ukraine and the world is experiencing another wave of refugees. These concepts serve as a point of departure for the creation of MIGRATIONS.

Due to a health condition, Gotheiner has limited mobility of movement. This will cause the creation of the new piece to be an interesting new challenge for the company. The goal is to create a specific movement vocabulary that will take inspiration from bird behavior incorporating quick footwork, and undulating torsos with highly coordinated arms patterns. The choreography will utilize bird’s flocking imagery in the design of large group work, and flight imagery for the creation of trios and duets. Killian’s cinematic electronic score supports a sense of heroic struggle when traveling through the elements, while London’s light design will create landscapes that give the work a transitory sense of place.